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Embracing spring

Having moved from Sussex to Suffolk just before Easter, we’re settling well and it’s fascinating to observe what comes up and out in the new garden. The Beast from the East has delayed spring up there (we’re at least three weeks behind the south-east) so we’ve had the gift of two springs this year! Recently I’ve been out and about hugging birch trees in Tunstall Forest, listening to the sap rising – as you do.

Work’s been busy too, with final preparations for the Springlines exhibition at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington in the New Forest.

It’s six years since Mary Anne and I first began to explore hidden and mysterious bodies of water. Today our latest Springlines show opens at St Barbe, just as instant summer has arrived in the South of England. If you’re anywhere near Lymington, Hants between now and June 10th, please go and have a look. The show looks gorgeous, there’s an excellent café and shop and Lymington is a great place to wander.

St Barbe reopened about a year ago after a fabulous redesign and refit. Mary Anne and I are excited and proud to see our work exhibited there with state-of-the-art lighting in beautiful airy spaces. This is the fourth Springlines exhibition and there’s more work on show than ever before – the core works alongside several sets of specially commissioned work for the places where we’ve already exhibited, plus now of course our new work for this show. Appreciative thanks to Steve Marshall and to everyone at St Barbe for their warm welcome and special thanks to Sam Dynamou for making this short film about our work in the New Forest.

Another busy week coming up – I’m looking forward to being in Lewes on Wednesday 25th for the Telltale Press anthology of truth/s launch at the John Harvey Tavern. Then home again to Suffolk.


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