Formally varied and rich, assured in its handling of music and image, and conclusively powerful in tone, range and subject matter Andy Brown


A close and exacting collaborative investigation, Springlines reminds us of the value of art-as-inquiry, how paying attention to an object without pre-condition – ‘a perfectly useless concentration’ as Elizabeth Bishop put it – yields what we need to know about that object… This is a book that is serious in its intent and serene in… Continue reading Springlines


Cell - Clare Best & Michaela Ridgway

A beautifully realised group of poems based on the true story of a girl of fourteen who took a vow of solitary devotion. This was in 1329, but Clare Best’s theme of female aloneness is timeless and relevant… 

Treasure Ground

Treasure Ground

A poetry of place, written out of local knowledge, with the insight of an outsider’s sensitized mind. The poems are atmospheric, earthy, imagistic, powerfully suggestive. Jeremy Hooker, poet and broadcaster


Clare Best Self-Portrait without Breasts

Breastless (Pighog 2011) is a pamphlet now out of print, although there are still a few copies available via Clare. An extended version of Breastless, with additional material, has now been published online here, as part of the Life Writing Projects website. Follow Clare’s blog for news.

Each Other

'God Creating Adam (after Michelangelo)' by Norman Adams RA

Closely observed, exquisitely wrought poems about love and its endurance Mara Bergman