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‘The Missing List’ to be published by Linen Press

I’m delighted to share the news that my memoir The Missing List will be published by Linen Press. Lynn Michell, founder and publisher at Linen Press, has announced our collaboration here.

I started writing this memoir almost fifteen years ago, in small patches, having no clear idea what it might become. I wrote the patches because I had to. Things built, slowly. I wrote more patches. Something began to happen. I shaped the something, rewrote it, unpicked it, reshaped it, unpicked it again. For years I did this, as writers do.

Often, this memoir project felt impossibly difficult – too difficult to think about, too difficult to write, and for a long time much much too difficult to imagine publishing. Often, I more or less gave up on it. I put it aside for long periods and wrote other things. But I came back and back to it because I couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning myself. In the end I found a way of completing the work, because I sensed that completing the work would complete me. And then I knew in my heart, once this memoir was all but done, that it should be published – it has things to say, readers to find. It has work to do.

I’m so glad to have arrived at this point. I’m thankful that I could begin to write this story, that the writing became something and that it can soon go into the world. I look forward to working with Lynn and everyone at Linen Press in the months leading up to publication, and beyond.

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