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Interview for BMJ Medical Humanities Blog

Many thanks to Louise Kenward for interviewing me for a piece published today on the BMJ Medical Humanities Blog in which we talk about the new extended version of Breastless (published at Life Writing Projects) and about creativity when facing surgery. Louise Kenward is a visual artist based in East Sussex. She was awarded an MA with… Continue reading Interview for BMJ Medical Humanities Blog

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‘Life Writing Projects’, harvests and dreams

It's past mid-September. Summer is a mirage behind us. Back there – over my shoulder – are silvery skies, long walks by the sea and light evenings with family and friends. Autumn brings harvests, and fresh starts. Earlier this year I wrote two reflective essays about breast cancer in my family and about becoming breastless,… Continue reading ‘Life Writing Projects’, harvests and dreams

Landscape of Andalucia
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Working hard in paradise

I have never before been away for two weeks to an artists' residence or colony, just to write and work to my heart’s content, but I can really recommend Fundacion Valparaiso if this is something you feel inclined to do. The formula, to my mind, is perfect: each artist has their own large studio/room (if you… Continue reading Working hard in paradise

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‘Bodies of Work’

I am pleased to present, as a round-up of this year's work on the project, the text of an article I wrote for issue 9 of Artemis Poetry, November 2012. My thanks to Kay Syrad for inviting me to write this piece and to Dilys Wood and Anne Stewart of Artemis Poetry for kind permission… Continue reading ‘Bodies of Work’

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A long weekend in Montreal

I set out from the UK with seventy copies of Excisions and forty copies of Breastless distributed between my checked case and my carry-on. Arriving in Boston, it was suggested that I was a geologist/rock-collector. En route from Boston to Montreal this was modified. ‘This is heavy!’ exclaimed the kind and very strong young woman who somehow… Continue reading A long weekend in Montreal

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Final preparations

Tonight I launch my pamphlet Breastless (Pighog Press) – a selection of eleven of the Self-portrait without Breasts poems alongside some of Laura Stevens’ photos, together with an article by Gareth Evans on the science of hereditary breast cancer. Five years ago I was in the last few weeks of preparing for surgery. 24 Nov,… Continue reading Final preparations