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Putting up Springlines at Glyndebourne

Yesterday was a long day – but thank goodness the rain more or less held off and so we could get the paintings (some of them are huge) and all the text panels into the Stalls Gallery without too much trouble.

Hanging the larger paintings proved quite a challenge for Steve, partly because he had to be careful not to use the drill while rehearsals were underway on stage!

Our sincere thanks to Ros for countless cups of tea and coffee, plus chocolate at critical moments.

Now all the work is up, and it’s satisfying and exciting to see new images and poems we’ve made on site at Glyndebourne displayed alongside pieces from other stages of the project.

The stalls gallery is an interesting space in which to exhibit – there’s no one point or angle from which you can see all or even most of the work on show, so there’s a sense of discovery as you walk about and around in circles (the lift shaft forms the centre of the gallery).

The Springlines show is on until 30 August. Glyndebourne grounds and shop and gallery are open from 3 pm Monday to Saturday and from 2 pm on Sunday (performance days only). Check the Glyndebourne website for more information.




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